If shipping is required, Buyer is responsible for all shipping related expenses (airline fees, appropriate carrier, health certificate , etc) which will be no less than $250. If transportation is necessary by car, delivery costs will be a minimum of $25 plus necessary related round trip expenses (gas, tolls, parking, lodging, etc). Failure to pay in full for the kitten/puppy and shipping costs will result in loss of deposit by Buyer and Seller shall then be free to place the kitten/puppy with another buyer.

Kitten/Puppy deposit

The purpose of this deposit is to insure the Purchaser’s intent to purchase the above described kitten/puppy. The deposit is not refundable should the Purchaser for any reason change his/her mind about purchasing the kitten/puppy prior to the initial veterinarian exam described on the Sale contract. The above said kitten/puppy is being held for the purchaser and will not be sold to any other buyer, regardless. A breach of contract, either verbal, written or through neglect or avoidance to communicate, on Purchaser’s part can jeopardize the chance of fording the above said kitten/puppy a new home as quickly as possible. For this reason deposits are not refundable, to insure Purchaser’s commitment to purchase above said kitten/puppy, pay the balance due as indicated above and to accept delivery at the time or pay a boarding fee.